We offer for your consideration something truly new: a remarkable new method for enabling your students to master that Mother of All Subjects, history. After all, history is the history of everything, an immense intellectual territory that can now look to a new riff on an old method to mitigate the rigors of navigating its vast expanse. The method is “mind maps”, first pioneered by some ancient in the Near East more than 2,000 years ago, and more recently popularized by Leonardo da Vinci, and now updated with patented technologies for the 21st century in the form of WisdomMaps.


At the heart of the matter are the astounding benefits to the learner. WisdomMaps allow the human mind to learn in the way it naturally works, by association, rather than in the “linear” manner of “spaghetti code” (reading or hearing information one strand at a time). Information acquires meaning in association with other information, and WisdomMaps show how all information is inter-related; in fact, it represents the beginnings of a new intellectual universe based on meaning and the unity of knowledge. In its extraordinary ability to enhance the learner’s understanding, retention, and enjoyment, WisdomMaps provides an educational experience of unparalleled richness and insight.

WisdomMaps allows learners to begin wherever they wish in a subject and go wherever they like, as their curiosity dictates, and to develop a vivid, in-depth understanding of both the subject and of the inter-relatedness of all information. Our patented “relational ontology,” which relates information to other information in a way that ordinary history mind maps cannot, offers direction, relevance, and context for information, and explicates its meaning by associating it with other information in terms of causes, meanings, and effects, and in terms of shared and analogous concepts and meaning.


Our courses do not suffer from the limitation of traditional courses (or of traditional history mind maps, concept maps on history, and thinking maps on history) as to the amount of information they impart. With WisdomMaps, there is no limit to the amount of information and multimedia resources available to learners, enabling them to delve as deeply into the subject as they wish. Our experience in teaching with WisdomMaps tells us that learners who are truly curious will learn far more than they ever imagined they might. Frankly, we’ve never known anyone to experience them and not love them (apart from the occasional retrograde sort resentful of being dragged out of his comfort zone, the textbook), but all we ask is that you give them a look and decide for yourself.


We invite you to participate in the extraordinary opportunity that WisdomMaps presents for educators, and we hope you’ll consider joining with us to take history and the liberal arts from the dustbin of “linear learning” to the new level of dimensionality, engagement, and meaning that awaits in WisdomMaps.