A Global Opportunity

We hope to advance a new model of learning based on WisdomMaps® and to use our patented Multilingual Learning Management System (MLMS) to make American education at all levels accessible to global learners everywhere, in any language. This would give global learners the means to earn an American college degree or other academic credential without the need for an English-language capability and without the need to study in the United States, and would enable American colleges and schools to benefit from new enrollment from international students.

American colleges (especially small, private liberal arts colleges) are increasingly distressed financially, and would benefit from additional enrollment of international students, especially if their education is online and makes few demands on the college’s classroom space, faculty, or other resources. The acceptance rate of applicants to these colleges has risen, on average, to 65 – 70% of all applicants, indicating an increasing shortage of qualified applicants. Great numbers of highly qualified students in foreign countries (there being 183 million college students globally, with 37 million in China alone) want the opportunity to undertake an American college education, but do not have the requisite English-language capability or are unable to afford the cost of coming to the United States to study.

WisdomMaps provides a way to export America’s most sought-after and value-adding product: its higher education. Until now, there has not been a way to offer this to the rest of the world in a way that works or that can be monetized for the benefit of American colleges and schools. We believe that we now have a way to make our most valuable industry available to the massive global market for American education.

Most of all, WisdomMaps would provide colleges and learners everywhere with a new learning technology that provides a demonstrably better way to teach and learn, and a way for learners to come to understand things in terms of what they mean. In this sense, we believe that WisdomMaps could form the beginnings of a new knowledge universe based upon meaning.

Perhaps we should think of education as fertilizer for the grass roots of an economy. WisdomMaps can make it possible for people to acquire as much education as they want, and with that the opportunity for people to get better-paying jobs. As education raises people’s expectations, they spend more on the higher-value goods and services that are produced in advanced economies… which in turn creates an opportunity for America to manufacture and export more of those goods and services.

Education, while not a perfect panacea, remains the best overall grass-roots solution to the miseries that afflict the human condition: ignorance, hatred, and poverty being among the usual suspects. Education empowers people. If we can help educate people globally to a higher standard, we provide a solution that works by addressing what may be the foremost cause of poverty, the lack of educational opportunity, rather than its symptoms. Working smarter, not just harder, brings more opportunity, better pay, and a better life. And if it’s true that violence is the last resort of the helpless, it should be borne in mind that education empowers the powerless by creating opportunities that offer an alternative to violence.